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University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Research Support &Publication Division
Agargaon, Dhaka-1207

UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme 2012

Applications are invited in the prescribed form from the teachers of public universities in Bangladesh for the UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme under the following terms and Conditions:

(a)The candidate must be a teacher of a public University in Bangladesh, and s/he should not below the rank of an Assistant Professor.

(b) S/he should have a Ph. D degree.

(c) Age of the applicant must not be more than 50 years.

(d) Fellowships are meant for the full-time researcher and the applicant must be granted study leave/deputation by the respective authority if s/he is selected by the University Grants Commission for the fellowship.

(e) The amount of fellowship is Tk. 15,000/- per month.

(f) The tenure of the fellowship in one year.

(g) After completion of the programme every fellow shall have to return to their respective university. In case, s/he, for any reason, discontinues his/her research work without any valid cause acceptable to the UGC, s/he will have to refund the amount so far received by him/her from the UGC.

Prescribed application forms and Post Doctoral Fellowship guidelines may be obtained from the Research Support & Publication Division of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh or UGC’s website

Application must be submitted to the Director, Research Support & Publication Division, University Grants Commission of Bangladesh through proper channel along with necessary documents by November 25, 2011.

( Md. Omar Faruque)
Deputy Director
Research Support & Publication Division
Phone : 8122755

University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Agargaon, Dhaka.

Terms and Conditions for UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship

1. Objective: The main objective of the post-doctoral fellowship is to promote and expand the quality of higher education and research in Bangladesh.

2. Eligibility: The candidate must be at least an Assistant Professor of a public university in Bangladesh, and he/she should have a Ph. D degree.

3. Age Limit: The candidate should be less than 50 years of age.

4. Tenure of Fellowship and its Number: The tenure of the fellowship will be one year, effecting from the date the fellow joins the programme. A maximum of five fellowship will be offered in one academic year.


5. Fellowship Amount: The amount of fellowship is Tk 15,000.00 (Fifteen thousand) per month.

6. Fringe Benefits:
a. A maximum amount of Tk 10,000.00 (Ten thousand) may be paid for computing, printing and binding the report.

b. A maximum amount of Tk 20,000.00 (Twenty thousand) may be granted for procurement of raw materials, data collections and logistic support.

7. Other Conditions:
a. Candidates must be on study leave/deputation from their respective university on full-time basis.

b. The fellow will pursue his/her research with supervisory consultation of a senior professor in the relevant field of the university, where he/she will carry out the research.

c. The fellow must mention the name of the university, name of the department/institute/recognized research organization, and name of the Supervisory Consultant.

d. The fellow also should obtain a letter of permission from the university where he/she intends to carry out his/her research.

e. A detailed plan of study, clearly describing the objectives, methodology and the significance of the research, shall have to be submitted to the UGC.

f. A three-member evaluation committee headed by a full-time Member of the UGC will assess the final report. The fellow will have to rewrite the report as per recommendations of the committee, if required. If the fellow fails to incorporate the recommendations, he/she will have to refund the amount received.

g. External members of the evaluation committee will receive an amount of Tk . 3,000 (three thousand) as honorarium.

h. During the tenure of fellowship the researcher shall remain debarred from extra-financial activities.

i. On completion of the research the fellow will have to submit a final report to the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh.

j. The fellow may publish the research findings with the prior approval of the UGC, and should acknowledge UGC’s involvement.

k. The payment against the fellowship will be made in two installments, the first disbursement will be made on his/her joining as fellow, and the second installment will be paid after submission of the half-yearly progress report.

l. The amount earmarked as fringe benefits shall be reimbursed after the acceptance of the final report. The fellow will have to produce necessary vouchers in support of his/her claim for these expenditure.

m. The fellow shall not be allowed to discontinue his/her research without prior permission of the UGC, and if he/she fails to comply with this, he/she shall have to pay back the money received against the fellowship.

n. If during the tenure of the fellowship the researcher needs to go abroad for more than one month, he/she will have to take prior permission of the UGC.
o. An honorarium of taka 5,000/- (five thousand) will be paid to the supervisory consultant, on acceptance of the final report.

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